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Garden tiller useful for a farm too

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It probably goes without saying; you already know that garden tillers will be absolutely useful for a farm too. Because they’re such high quality and built for extreme commercial use anyway, they are actually very ideal for both purposes and in this article I’m going to go through a couple of them that would work out in a rather large garden as well as a small farm holding. So sit back and enjoy the ride! No pun intended.

Tillers are designed to cut through tough earth which means you don’t have to do it by hand which saves you an awful lot of time and a lot of energy. They’re designed so that they’ll cut about 10 inches deep typically, so that you can turn over the ground and make sure you get all of the nutrients back up to the top of the surface and not lose anything into the ground itself. This means that any fertiliser that went into the ground through the year before well be able to be reused later on the next year, and it also means that it is extremely efficient in terms of the overall amount expenditure per the yield of vegetable crop that you go for. So it makes sense in his article to pick some of the more heavy-duty tools available on the market today so that they can be looked at from both a farming and a garden perspective.

I absolutely love my garden tiller and I also, would be quite happy using it on a small farm too. The fact that you can get in between small trees for example, means that say you’ve got a fruit tree farm, it’ll give you the opportunity to turn over some of the ground around the fruit trees and therefore put some fertiliser into the roots which will help them to flourish. So overall, there are plenty of advantages to using them so let’s not waste any more time and let’s start reviewing some of the best garden tillers that could also be used for a farm setting as well.

Best dual use garden tiller – T-Mech 7HP Petrol Tiller

let’s not beat around the bush, the T-Mech 7HP Petrol Tiller is one of the best petrol garden tillers around; this is full of power and would work for both a large gardens or a small farms. It’s extremely well built and it’s got an awful lot of power behind it. The fact that it can dig so deep is also massive bonus and being 90cm wide means you can get an awful lot of work done in one time. Naturally called a 7 horsepower it has 7 horsepower, and 7 horsepower is a massive amount for a little garden or a smallholding farm tiller. The 7 horsepower engine is generating 3600 RPM and it comes with a 210 cc engine which is huge. The point and I’m getting at here really is this thing shouldn’t even be a push tiller, it should actually be a ride on it so powerful! It also amazingly comes with a 3 and a 1/2 litre fuel tank which is massive for a push tiller so you won’t need to fuel up for a while!

T-Mech 7HP Petrol Tiller
T-Mech 7HP Petrol Tiller

What draws me to this machine the most though, is the fact that it’s got three gears, this means that I can go slow, medium, or fast and I don’t have to worry about being dictated to by the machine itself. Most garden tillers have the issue that you just have got one setting therefore you have to go along with the pace of the machine but this machine is quite the opposite, it means that you can actually pick and choose what speed you want to go at which is absolutely ideal because if you’ve got some really hard to terrain you might want to go a little bit slower, whereas, if you’ve got soft mud, you might find you can turn it over really easy and therefore you want to pick up pace. This garden tiller will give you the best of both worlds so you can just basically pick and choose as you think is best for yourself as to what speed you’d like to go at.

Another really useful aspect of the T-Mech 7HP Petrol Tiller is the huge wheels that it’s got, which means you very rarely gets stuck in the mud, in fact, your more likely to get stuck by foot than you are by machine. This is quite a big deal because of when the ground is rather soft, then you really do need some big wheels so that it doesn’t just start sinking and cause you all kinds of problems going forward.

T-Mech 7HP Petrol Tiller
T-Mech 7HP Petrol Tiller

The one thing we haven’t mentioned is the fact that it is actually has variable depth cut, we only mentioned how deep it can actually cut, which is surprising because where you’ve got all of these variable options it gives you far more control over the situation which means as far is a garden tillers are concerned, it also has far more practical uses on a farm as well. So from my perspective although it’s £450, it’s actually a very good piece of equipment and overall I’m very pleased to present this piece of equipment to you at this price tag.

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